The end product of our efforts is not just a barrel , but quality wine that matures within it, which was confirmed even by a top wine experts from Italy , Macedonia and beyond. Because of that, in addition to continuous development and improvement of the various technologies, our company keeps some basic principles that are in the core and essence of the formation of high-quality wines and spirits.


During the production we follow the oak tree route from the forest to the final product – the barrel.

»Wooden barrique barrels

»Wooden barrels for wine and brandy

»Wooden large barrels for wine fermentation

»Wooden cannon-like barrel

»Wooden decorating clock-barrel

»Wooden containers for flowers

»Wooden wheel-lamps

»Wooden wheels

»Wooden faucets for barrels

»Wooden flasks for brandy


Our cooper’s workshop was founded in the sixties of the last century.

With the tradition of over 50 years and the experience being transferred from one generation to another, 3 generations already, we produce out of the first class oak tree trunks from Serbia the world’s top quality barrels which meet the requirements of the most selective vintners.


During the production we follow the oak path from the forest till the final product – the barrel. The supply of the raw material and processing we do ourselves. So, we guarantee that the elements have been produced out of the top quality wood.

Each stave has been sawn out of the tree trunk separately so the fibre construction remains safe from damaging in order to get first class staves. The staves mature in the open air about 2 to 3 years. Weather conditions, temperature changes, winds and summer and winter falls delete and clean the contaminated matters and the surplus of tannin.

During the production we bend staves using pre-heating system and then, they are heated on the fire made out of the rest of the same wood.



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