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Barrel shop Barrique
Barrel shop Barrique

Barrel shop Barrique


Barrel shop Barrique was founded in the sixties of the last century. During the production of Barrique barrels we follow the oak path from the forest until the final barrel.

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Barrel shop Barrique, Fair


In the period from 24th to 27th February 2013, the barrel shop “Barrique Djordjević” was an exhibitor at the Belgrade wine fair “BeoWine Fire 2013” where it presented a part of its products and left a good impression on the fair visitors. The following year we were also exhibitors on the 5th Belgrade wine fair “BeoWine Fire 2014”. Apart from domestic, we have also been exhibitors on foreign wine fairs. Year in year out the wines which age in our barrels have more and more positive results in domestic as well as foreign competitions which is shown by wines of numerous vineries.

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Expertise and innovation

Led by its passion for the craft and encouraged by the third generation of experts, the barrel shop Barrique has decided to innovate in basic steps in the production of the products. That enabled us to combine the advanced level of technology with the craft that remains only in the skillful hands of our artisans.


During the production of Barrique barrels we follow the oak path from the forest until the final barrel. The acquisition of raw materials and the processing we do by ourselves. In that way we guarantee that the staves have been produced from the top quality wood.


The final product of our effort is not just a barrel, but the high quality wine that matures in it, which was even confirmed by top oenologists from Italy, Macedonia and beyond. That is why our company, besides the constant development and perfecting different technologies also retains some of the basic principles that represent the core and the essence in creating high quality wine and brandy.

Our customer is our priority

With dedication to quality and our strong work ethics we wish to pay special attention to our current and future clients. Our plans have been carefully made in order to provide maximum quality to our clients. We take pride in products that fulfil various needs of our customers. If you have any questions you would like to ask about our business, offers and production program, feel free to reach out to us and we will make sure to respond in the shortest time period.

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Tradition and quality

When making barrels, the top quality in our process and the care for details which lead to best results is the only option we take into consideration in order to meet the expectations of our clients. Barrels with a signature according to the most demanding quality standards are a unique trade mark for every market. After a strict selection of the tree we will use, the experience and tradition in our production of top quality complete products, we get our barrels. The barrels are made by a skillful team and are not of mass production, but are craftsmen barrels gained as a result of long-term tradition.


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Wooden Barrique barrels



Barrique barrels are made exclusively from fist class sessile and downy oak.
Sizes: 225l, 300l, 500l. Beside wine the barrel can be used for brandy storage.


Drvena Barrique burad
Drvena burad za vino i rakiju

Wooden barrels for wine and brandy



Barrels for brandy are made from sessile oak, mulberry and acacia.
Sizes: from 1l to 3000l, if you require it can be larger. It can be used for vinegar storage.



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