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About Us

Our cooperage Barrique (Vranje) was founded in the 1960s. With a tradition of almost 50 years and experience that has been passed down from generation to generation for three generations, we produce a world-class-quality barrels from first-class Serbian oak that satisfy even the most discerning winemakers.

Interest in Serbian barrels is high in our region. This stems from the fact that the quality of Serbian oak is identical to French oak.


The name obliges. Feedback from winemakers, the success of wines matured in our barrels is confirmed by partners throughout our country and abroad. The basis of that trust is persistence in maintaining quality during production, the expertise of our workers and the lifetime warranty of our products.

We draw attention to the analysis of the place of origin of the oak (the downy oak or sessile oak that grow at an altitude of 400 to 600 meters above sea level) and suggest an adequate type of oak for different varieties of wine.

Tradition & quality

Since 1960s

Expertise and innovation

Driven by the passion for this craft and fueled by the third generation of expertise, cooperage Barrique has decided to improve the basic steps in its production. This has allowed us to combine an advanced level of technology with a craft that remains only in the skilled hands of our craftsmen.

During the production of Barrique barrels, we keep a close eye on the path of the oak from the forest all the way to the finished barrel. We procure raw materials and process them ourselves. In this way, we guarantee that the staves are made from the highest quality wood.

After a rigorous selection of the wood we will use, with the help of experience and tradition in our production of top-quality finished products, we make our barrels. Barrels manufactured by a skilled team, are not mass-produced barrels, but handmade products coming from a long tradition of coopers.

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