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Barrique Đorđević

Nowadays, among winemakers, (sur)name Đorđević is synonymous for high quality oak barrels, because of a lifetime product guarantee.

We build the future by cherishing the history.

Kapljica rakije iz drvenog bureta u kojem se čuva.


Domestic oak tree barrels for superior wine aromas

Barrique Premium bure na postolju.

Barrels of the Barrique Đorđević cooperage

since 1960s

add to a better quality of wine and brandy thanks to the dense fibrous structure during the maturation process

Top quality

How do we achieve it?

One of the primary steps is a detailed analysis of the place of origin of the oak (the downy oak or sessile oak that grow at an altitude of 400 to 600 meters above sea level), after which an adequate type of oak is evaluated and selected for different varieties of wine. During production, the path from the oak forest to the finished barrel is closely monitored: each piece of wood is carefully processed so that the fiber structure remains undamaged, to always obtain maximum quality staves, which mature in the open space for at least two to three years.

Neobrađene poslagane daske za proizvodnju drvenih burića.

Wooden BARRIQUE barrels

Ranging from 120, 225 (exclusive, premium and classic quality), 300 and 500 liters

Wood type

/raw material for all volumes/

oak & acacia

We proudly


to you

Exclusive line of Barrique barrels

Premium line of Barrique barrels

Classic line of Barrique barrels

Our client is our priority

Apart from our dedication to high quality and our strong ethics, we dedicate special attention to both our present and future clients.

Tradition and quality

Superior quality in our process and attention to detail for the best results when making a barrel is the only option we consider, all in order to meet the expectations of our customers.

Expertise and innovation

Driven by the passion for this craft and fueled by the third generation of expertise, the Barrique cooperage is constantly improving its production.


Special attention is devoted to details

Postavljanje obruča na bačvu.
Mašinsko sečenje debla za pripremu dasaka za hrastovo bure.
Tri BARRIQUE Exclusive bureta od hrastovine iz 2023-e godine.
Precizno mašinsko sečenje dasaka sa barik hrastovo bure.
Završni koraci u izradi hrastovog bureta za rakiju i vino.
Laserska gravura na drvenom buretu - BARRIQUE ĐORĐEVIĆ.
Sessile oak drveno hrastovo bure od BARRIQUE ĐORĐEVIĆ bačvarske radnje.

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Barrique Đorđević